Why is the Internet of Things (IoT) important

Why is the Internet of Things (IoT) important

You might be shocked to learn how many things are connected to the Internet around the world, and how much economic benefit we can develop from analyzing the resulting data streams.

Here are some examples of the impact the Internet of Things (IoT) has on industries:

Smart transport solutions speed up traffic flows, reduce fuel consumption, prioritize vehicle repair schedules and save lives.

Smart electric grids more efficiently connect renewable resources; improve system reliability and charge customers based on smaller usage increments.

Machine monitoring sensors diagnose – and predict – pending maintenance issues, near-term part stock outs, and even prioritize maintenance crew schedules for repair equipment and regional needs.

Data-driven systems are being built into the infrastructure of ‘smart cities,’ making it easier for municipalities to run waste management, law enforcement and other programs more efficiently.

But also consider the Internet of Things (IoT) on a more personal level. Connected devices are making their way from business and industry to the mass market. Consider these possibilities:

You’re low on milk. When you’re on your way home from work, you get an alert from your refrigerator reminding you to stop by the store.

Your home security system, which already enables you to remotely control your locks and thermostats, can cool down your home and open your windows, based on your preferences.

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