Top Affiliate Networks/Marketplaces

Top Affiliate Networks/Marketplaces

Top Affiliate Networks: So now you understand the features and benefits of joining an affiliate marketplace. Let’s look at the best affiliate networks that you can join today & start making money.

These networks are placed in order of my personal preferences & the ones that are working out the best for me. Some of them may have limited affiliate programs to promote, but don’t discard any based on that criteria alone. The reason being:

you only need one great product to promote in order to earn thousands of dollars (..if not millions).

Top Affiliate Networks/Marketplaces
Top Affiliate Networks/Marketplaces


If you have attended an affiliate summit or watched affiliate summit videos, you might already know about them. This affiliate network was founded in 2000 & since then, it has paid out millions of dollars to their affiliates. They have a great list of affiliate programs for all types of niches.

Even though their interface is not as modern as others, you will have no problem understanding it.

ShareASale makes it easy for you to get started with affiliate marketing. If you want to know how a company offers an affiliate program on ShareASale, you should read their marketing guide. This will give you a kind of “backstage view” of the other side of affiliate marketing.

You can join the ShareASale program now & it usually takes 2-3 working days to get approval. (Commission Junction):

CJ is one of the oldest & most popular affiliate marketplaces out there. You will find tons of affiliate products in all niche types. I use (and have been using) CJ for a few selected affiliate programs for many years.

Top Affiliate Networks: Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Amazon has an affiliate program that you can join for free.

Since Amazon is a trusted place & they have tons of products from all niche types, the Amazon affiliate program can help you generate more than a decent income.


ClickBank is another very popular marketplace for affiliate marketers. Here you will find tons of offers which you can join & promote.

Find affiliate offers using affiliate search engine:

This particular trick will save you so much time & very few people know about this.

Use oDigger or Offervault to find affiliate offers:

You can use either of these two sites to find affiliate offers in any niche. They are like search engines for finding affiliate offers. They are very useful when you are working on a new niche & looking for high converting offers.

Affiliate marketplaces are the best places to start. You can browse your niche in these marketplaces and see top performing affiliate programs.

Alternatively, many niche-based forums are a great place to find new products to promote.

Pro Tip: You should keep an eye on blogs in your niche and see which product(s) they are promoting and what methods they are using for promotion.

Tasks for this section: (Only for those who currently have a functional blog or a website)

  1. Create an account on ShareASale
  2. Create an account on
  3. Create an account on the Amazon affiliate program
  4. Create an account on ClickBank


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