How to Select the Best Affiliate Product for Your Blog

How to Select the Best Affiliate Product for Your Blog

Best Affiliate Product: To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to pick, and promote, the right product on your blog.

76% of newbie affiliate marketers fail to earn any money from affiliate marketing because they never pick the right product to promote.

Having success in affiliate marketing is not easy, but it’s also not that hard. You need to be persistent, consistent, and have a proper marketing plan. If you do these three things, you will be successful in affiliate marketing.

Some of the factors that define whether you succeed or fail are:

What affiliate products you are promoting?
What medium you are using to promote them?
How good is your sales funnel?
Are you targeting the right audience?
Do you have a plan or are you working on a ‘hit or miss’ strategy?

The reason why I’ve earned millions from affiliate marketing is because I only promote products that I have personally tested and used. There was a time when I promoted things without testing them. These products were not good and after many bad reviews, my brand suffered. I was lucky that this happened at the initial stage, but I had to learn this lesson the hard way.

As I mentioned earlier, I use the “education method” in order to make my living online. It’s time consuming, but at the same it’s safe & the rewards are more consistent and stay consistent for longer periods.

Writing how-to guides & tutorials definitely helps in promotion. It doesn’t matter if you are the creator or curator, as long as you are ensuring that your target audience uses your affiliate links to purchase a product.

Soon, I will share the tricks that I personally follow to choose only the best products to promote.
Before we move ahead, let’s recap some things we have learned in earlier sections:

Affiliate marketplace:

This is a marketplace where companies list their product(s) & as an affiliate, you can select which products you want to promote. Here you will see all the stats like overall conversion rate of a product, how much the payout is, and other data-based details that help you pick the best products to promote.

Native/In-house Affiliate program:

Many products have a native affiliate program. Recall the example of TubeBuddy in the first section of this eBook; that TubeBuddy program is an example of a native affiliate program.

Usually, it’s beneficial to join an affiliate program via an affiliate marketplace, as their tracking mechanisms are pretty strong. You can also easily reach the minimum payout by promoting multiple products from the same marketplace.

By using a quality marketplace, you lower down the chances of being cheated.

Start with an Affiliate Marketplace:

Also, the best place to start hunting for affiliate products is in a marketplace (like ShareASale or Commission Junction). Depending on your niche, you can find really good affiliate products to promote.
Most of these affiliate marketplaces have sections which show their most popular affiliate products.
You can see a screenshot below from the ShareASale affiliate marketplace, which shows the top 100 hottest selling products:


Remember, every marketplace has a different set of features and layout structure. Soon I will be launching a membership site where you can get your hands on videos for every popular affiliate marketplace. For now, ShareASale is one affiliate marketplace that you should definitely join ASAP!

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketplaces:

Affiliate Marketplaces have many benefits. Here’s a quick overview.

All the niches in one place:

One of the major problems we face as an affiliate is finding an affiliate program that aligns with our niche. In any affiliate marketplace, you can find many affiliate programs in various categories & niches.

Easy to reach minimum payout:

When you sign-up for an affiliate program directly (in-house affiliate program), the biggest challenge is to reach the minimum payout. In an affiliate marketplace, your minimum payout is the sum of all the affiliate programs that you are promoting. For a beginner, it’s much easier to reach the minimum payout in a marketplace.

Less chances of affiliate sale frauds:

In the past, when I joined the affiliate program of a popular online company (HostGator) with their in-house affiliate software, it was a disaster. I had no choice but to blog about it.

HostGator’s people didn’t like me making this information public, but eventually they understood the problem & moved their program to ImpactRadius, which offers better tracking.

At times, direct affiliate programs cannot track sales due to improper configurations of their affiliate software, a new affiliate manager, or maybe some of them just don’t want to pay you.
With an affiliate marketplace, you don’t have to worry about this problem. Their tracking mechanisms are excellent & you will be paid for your hard (& not so hard) work.

Examples of Affiliate Marketplace: ShareaSale, Amazon, Commision Junction etc.


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