One Article Made $8 By in Just 2 Days

One Article Made $8 By in Just 2 Days – Revenue Site

It is really surprising for me that how my single article can made $8 in just 2 days with as I found lots of bad reviews of But, after experiencing the ads myself, I came to know that it’s really amazing.

A few days ago, Google gave me a policy violation notification because of an article on my blog that contained the bad links (I think) and asked me whether to edit the content or remove ads from the content or remove the whole content. As I was earning most of the amount from Google Adsense, I wanted to take the immediate action on that policy violation notification but truly I was unable to take decision for whether to delete the whole article or remove only the ads from that article because I didn’t want to lose my Adsense account.

But, I also don’t want to remove that article as it was generating the huge traffic to my blog. So, finally I decided to remove Adsense ads from that individual article and I did the same.

Due to removing Adsense ads from that post, my daily Adsense earning got slightly down. In the meantime, I tried a few affiliate programs to put on that article but nothing worked.

Finally, I decided to put ads on that post as fortunately I had a verified account of So, after putting the SINGLE AD Unit of contextual ads on that SINGLE ARTICLE what I saw that the first day I earned $2 and I really surprised that how the single article can make such money by placing only single ad unit!

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However, it’s true that initially I got better RPM but along with passing days RPM also goes down, but still with average of $4 RPM, I made $8 with ads in just 2 days.

Media Revenue
Media Revenue

So, friends the motive of writing this article is that don’t turn your decision just by reading a bad review. As you know that powers the Yahoo! Bing contextual ads and it should be enough for you to estimate the power of the company.

I can understand the problem of bad reviewers as didn’t work for them but it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you too. You can see that I earned $8 from ads in 2 days, so why you can’t!

So, just keep your hard and smart work up. If you’re generating good traffic to your blog, there may be lots of sources to monetize your content but if you’re not getting enough traffic, no ad network even Adsense will be able to fulfill your desire.

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