What You Need to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

What You Need to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

I will now share with you all the important topics to become a master of affiliate marketing. But first, let’s take some baby steps which will help you to get the basics down right from start.

One can begin affiliate marketing using any form of digital marketing.

Examples of affiliate websites:

Blog which educates readers

Coupon based site

Product comparison site

Niche Amazon site (designed specifically for Amazon affiliate earnings)

Other techniques:

PPC marketing (via Facebook ads or Google AdWords)

Email marketing

Note: These are some popular methods used by affiliate marketers. Do remember, it’s not limited to only what’s listed above. Once you master this course, you are free to discover your own mediums for affiliate marketing.

I prefer educating users & recommending products that I personally use or have used in the past. Once you have learned the inn’s & out’s of affiliate marketing, you can use any of the ways mentioned above (or many other ways) to start making money.

Typically, I suggest blogging because you will not only be making money, you will also be making a name for yourself. That’s more of my personal choice, but whatever method you use is ultimately a decision you should be completely happy with.

Tips for non-writers:

If you are not into content writing, you should consider using other forms of promotional methods other than blogging.

But if you want to create a blog and don’t want to write, a good work around is hiring a content writer from sites like ContentMart, TextBroker or PeoplePerHour

 My only suggestion is don’t promote anything that you would not recommend to your loved ones. Ex: Sketchy poker site or untested health related products.

 Again, this is a decision you need to make based on your own moral conscience.

Thirsty Affiliate
Thirsty Affiliate

Link Cloaking: Your new best friend

Link cloaking, in simple words, means making long affiliate URLs into shorter and prettier ones. We do this for multiple reasons.

Ugly URL into Pretty URL:

 Usually affiliate links you get from your affiliate programs are pretty ugly. They are usually a long part of numbers, letters, and symbols. Link cloaking turns these long, confusing, ugly links into short, concise, good-looking links.

This technique can also add your brand name into the URL which makes it more trustworthy and further brands you as a reputable source.

Here’s an example:

Affiliate URL:

Affiliate Cloaked URL:

Notice that the second link looks better, more organized, and is branded. Instead of just using an affiliate link as is, it’s better to make it look more professional with cloaking.

Why You Should Always Cloak Your Links?

Search Engine Ranking:

One of the major concerns with affiliate marketers is search engine ranking. Most affiliate marketers miss out on optimizing their blog and fail to ensure that their blog is SEO friendly.

Cloaking your URLs helps optimize your site.

Changing Future URLs:

At times, your product company may change their affiliate software which requires you to change your affiliate URLs everywhere. When you are using a link cloaking solution, you can change all URLs with a single click.

Pro Tip: Whenever I add a link to any product which doesn’t yet have an affiliate program, I still cloak the normal URL so that in the future I can easily update the URL with an affiliate link when it becomes available. Just using this technique helped me earn thousands of dollars extra/month.

Affiliate URLs are banned on many sites:

On many popular sites such as Facebook, or even using PPC on Google, affiliate URLs are banned. Link cloaking helps you eradicate this issue.

Links to Link Cloaking:

If you are using the WordPress platform for your blog or website, you can use this popular plugin: ThirstyAffiliate WordPress plugin


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