Google Launches ‘Google for Jobs’ Tool – Part/Full Time Jobs

Google Launches ‘Google for Jobs’ Tool – Part/Full Time Jobs

Searching for a job in Google online has become one of the easiest ways to do it. Now, it is easier with Google’s new tool to find part-time and full-time jobs to every individual who is seeking for jobs.

Today, Google has announced its new job search tool for everyone.The idea here is to give job seekers an easy way to see which jobs are available without having to go to multiple sites.

How Google for Jobs tool work?

With this new feature, is now available in English on desktop and mobile, all you have to type in is a query like “jobs near me,” “writing jobs” or something along those lines and the search result page will show you the new job search widget that lets you see a broad range of jobs. From there, you can further refine your query to only include full-time positions.

Google makes life easier to get new Job

For example. When you click through to get more information about a specific job, you also get to see Glassdoor and Indeed ratings for a company.

Google For Jobs
Google For Jobs

The user can adjust the filters to their needs, such as experience or schedule in which it is available. They will also have access to ratings and opinions about the company, and even the estimated travel time from your location to the company.

In addition, if the user wants he/she can activate a function that will get notifications by email if new job postings are published. All these tools make finding work with Google more comfortable and simple.

Google also announced that it intends to insert more features and information in the future, in order to support this” new search experience” that they expect to be “simpler and more efficient.” Also, if you take too much time looking for work and you do not convince yourself, you can pause and when you return to the tool you can see from where you left before. It saves our time and easy to search.

You can also filter jobs by industry, location, when they were posted, and employer. Once you find a query that works, you can also turn on notifications so you get an immediate alert when a new job is posted that matches your personalized query.

“Finding a job is like dating,” Nick Zakrasek, Google’s product manager for this project, told me.

“Each person has a unique set of preferences and it only takes one person to fill this job.”

To create this comprehensive list, Google first has to remove all of the duplicate listings that employers post to all of these job sites. Then, its machine learning-trained algorithms sift through and categorize them. These job sites often already use at least some job-specific markup to help search engines understand that something is a job posting.

Once you find a job, Google will direct you to the job site to start the actual application process. For jobs that appeared on multiple sites, Google will link you to the one with the most complete job posting.

As for the actual application process itself, Google doesn’t want to get in the way here and it’s not handling any of the process after you have found a job on its service.

It’s worth noting that Google doesn’t try to filter jobs based on what it already knows. As Zakrasek quipped, the fact that you like to go fishing doesn’t mean you are looking for a job on a fishing boat, after all.

Google is very clear about the fact that it doesn’t want to directly compete with Monster, CareerBuilder and similar sites. It currently has no plans to let employer’s posts jobs directly to its jobs search engine for example (though that would surely be lucrative). “We want to do what we do best: search,” Zakrasek said.

Google for Jobs Tool Availability

At the moment Google for Jobs is only available in the United States. We have to wait to see if it reaches to more countries. If it works well for Americans surely from Mountain View they will decide to take it to other parts of the world.

To do this, they explained that they are working with organizations across the industry including LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Facebook, CareerBuilder and many others to ensure that it will be easier than ever to find a job without needing any additional application.

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