Exclusive Content: Make Money with Gmail List

Exclusive Content: Make Money with Gmail List

The last Article I post all about building up your email list, and as promised here is an email dedicated to helping you make more money with this list.

Before we get into it, there are a few key things to remember when it comes to building an email list.

Build the Trust First

You cannot sell to someone who doesn’t trust you, and unfortunately, the online marketing world is full of distrust.

what is the best way to build trust with others?

Give them tons and tons of value. You have to prove to them that you are a valuable person and actually care about their success and interests. The best way to do this is to put in a ton of work to give them those great content and information.

You have to have your audience’s goals and aspirations in mind when it comes to everything. They are the ones that pay you and keep your business going.

So before you try to sell anyone on your list anything, make sure to give them some great content. You can easily do this in some auto responders.

Another way to build trust is to use an actual email address that you look at and can respond to.


Make Money With Gmail
Make Money With Gmail

For example, this email is coming from, which is forwarded directly into my gmail inbox. If you hit reply to this email, you’ll end up right in my inbox for me to see and reply to.

You have a list of people, not emails

This relates to the first point, but it’s important to know that the people on your email list are people. There are people with goals, interests, families, and needs behind the list of emails you see when you send out your emails.

You need to be familiar with this idea and write emails that are to real, genuine people. This creates a better experience for everyone involved. If you truly think of your list as people that are interested in the same thing you are (your website’s topic), then you will write emails that better answer their questions and needs.

As for this helping you, if you truly think of your list as people with problems and needs, then chances are you’ll sell better to them because you actually understand what will be of value to them and what won’t be.

Your Email List is Important – Don’t Mess it Up

One bad email can mess up your list and destroy trust. If you try to sell something that is not of value to your list, they will be very wary to trust you again in the future. Which means that you just soiled your only truly owned traffic source.

This sounds a little intimidating, but keeping it in mind will help you write better emails.

Don’t be afraid to sell, but be confident that what you are selling to your list will bring them value. This way, you both win, which is what we all want.

How to Make Money with Your Email List

The first part of these strategies has a lot to do with being an Amazon Affiliate and making money with them, but I do provide some ways to utilize your list away from Amazon towards the bottom.

Weekly Deal Lists

These lists are awesome to send out once a week. If you can go to Amazon and see some great deals or discounts for items within your niche, put them together into a blog post, then email out to your list about it, people will greatly appreciate it.

Everyone likes a bargain. So if there is a product in your niche that is a lower price than usual or is having a great deal, it’s helpful for your email list to let them know about it.

If you stay consistent with it, then people can expect to find deals from you when it comes to your niche.

You help them find deals; they repay you by buying through your link. You all win.

Monthly Best Seller List

Along with deals, people are instinctually attracted to the best sellers list on Amazon. This is actually a psychological trigger that we have to want what other people have.

We also like to know what is the best selling thing and if it’s better than what we already have or is exactly what we were looking for.

Timely Emails

If you are on top of your industry news, you can take advantage of special events within your industry. An example would be, if you had a football site, is to send out an email right before the Super Bowl with cool team gear. This is timely and will have better conversions than untimely emails.

Along those lines of sports, a good time to send out emails for the best gear for your sport is right before season, when people are looking to buy stuff in preparation.

Away from sports, there are opportunities like this too.

Is there a new product coming out in your niche? Can you be one of the first ones to review it and send it out to your users?

You can be the one that updates them on the new features, if it’s a good buy or not, and give them a buy now link.

You can also tell them about deals that are happening with the old version of the product. An example is every single month when you month old smart phone becomes outdated…

Holidays are also a time that you can really step up your emails. People need to buy presents around Christmas, and are looking for great deals on Cyber Monday. You should be giving them information on these great deals and directing them to Amazon to buy them.

Timely emails get more clicks through and more conversions. It helps to be up to date on the industry news.

Beyond Amazon Affiliate Emails

If you are interested in making money away from being an Amazon Affiliate, an email list is just as important.

If you are going to launch a product, whether it is an info product, software product, eBook, or anything else, having an email list can make or break your product launch.

With an email list, you can build up anticipation, get people interested and have buyer’s on the very first day you launch your product. That’s difficult to do without an email list.

If you have a product launch in mind, I’d recommend looking at the last email and taking sometime to build up your email list and then launching your product. You want to see sales on day 1.

However, the product you sell to your email list doesn’t have to be yours. You can look through a site like and find products related to your niche to sell to your list.

I do recommend checking out and testing the product first. Remember, you don’t want to see something to your list that isn’t valuable.

If you find something valuable from Click Bank that would be useful to your audience, you are helping them out by making them aware of it.

Don’t Forget Auto Responders

If you already have a product out, you should include it in your auto responders to your list. This is after you provide tons of free value first and build trust.

However, if you can get a solid product into your auto responder that people like and sells well, then you will passively make sales when people sign up for your list. You just take the time to set it up, then let it go and make you money while you sleep.

I hope you got some value out of these emails and can start implementing them into your email list. Our success here at A2Cart Community only comes if we are helping you create successful websites.

Do let me know if you use any other method to Earn money from the Internet? Which of the above methods have you tried?

Do share more such free tips to earn money online?



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