Exclusive Content:  Immediate Traffic to New Blog Posts – Successful websites

Exclusive Content: Immediate Traffic to New Blog Posts – Successful websites

Do you know that there is one specific thing that most of successful websites have and that most of the successful entrepreneurs who run them say they wish they started earlier?

The one thing is their email list.

Creating a high quality content, large email list is something most people look back on and wish they had started on day one. Even if the site you run is just a niche site, an email list can really take you to the next level.

With knowing how important an email list is to your success as an online entrepreneur, I wanted to send you an email with tactics you can start using today to start and grow your email list.

Before we get into the “how”, I want to cover a little more of the “why”.

Owned Traffic

The first and probably most important reason email lists are a top priority is because they are the only traffic source you can truly own.

You don’t own the traffic that comes from Google. In a matter of a day, you could drop from the #1 spot to the #4 spot and see a drastic decrease in traffic.

You don’t own the traffic that comes from social media. If a social media platform decides to change the way it works, you can see a decrease in traffic from there. Most of us experienced this over the last year with Facebook.

You don’t own the traffic you get from advertising, because you are paying for it.

You do own the emails you get. You can always reach your audience if you have their email addresses. The bigger your email list, the bigger traffic source you own.

Immediate Traffic to New Blog Posts

Anyone who has written an article without a blog post knows what it’s like to write an awesome post and publish it, only for no one to read it.

If your website has good domain authority, then maybe you can get that article onto Google’s front page in a week or two.

With social media, the click through rate is pretty low.

However, if you have an email list, you can immediately send out your new blog post to them and get people reading your brand new article.

Best part? These users are most likely you’re most engaging and most interested visitors your site will get.

free web traffic, traffic generation, Guest Blogging,Niche Forums, Social Media Traffic
free web traffic, traffic generation, Guest Blogging,Niche Forums, Social Media Traffic

Cool Ways to Make Money with Email Lists

I’ll get into this more in the next post, but having an email list allows you to make money faster than without one.

Some cool ideas I’ll cover in detail next email include things like weekly Amazon deal posts or timely emails focused around specific events in your niche.

Product Launches

If you even plan on launching a product, having a big, high quality email list is a sure way to quickly get buyers.

Having an email list can literally make or break a product launch. You can either start with a bang by sending your product to your interested email list or you can launch it to a world full of traffic that you don’t own.

But that’s enough about the why. Now let’s look at the how.

How to Start Building Your Email List Today

First, if you aren’t already signed up for an email client, do that right away.

I personally like Mail Chimp or Aweber. Mail Chimp allows you to have a free account up to 1,000 subscribers, but it is limited. I’d check out both and see which fits your immediate needs in the coming months.

The best part about email lists is that you can export and upload your email list to different email clients so switching from one to another is possible.

More Opt In Forms!

To collect more emails, you’ll want more opt in forms. However, like with most things in life, moderation is key. You don’t want to make your page unreadable and completely useless to visitors. They won’t want to be on your email list if that is the case.

However, if you don’t have an email opt in form at the top of your blog or with something like a Hello Bar that tracks with the user, then you are missing out.

You should also have an opt-in form or a link to an opt-in form on the side bar of your blog.

Another place is right at the end of blog posts. This is an important spot, because when someone finishes reading a full blog post of yours, which means they were interested in what you had to say. This already interested person is more likely to opt in to your email list to get your exclusive content and stay up to date on your blog, since the blog post they just read convinced them that you offer value.

Create a Freebie

Once you have everything set up initially, your next move is to create something awesome that you give away to users who sign up for your mailing list.

This doesn’t have to be something massive, but it has to be something that is value packed and is worth someone’s email address. You want something that is easy to give away, like a PDF, videos, or audio, and that you can sell really easily.

Some ideas for these could be a free report on your niche, a buyer’s guide to products related to your site, an eBook, a video or audio course or exclusive interviews. The list goes on and on once you begin to brainstorm what would work for your site.

You want this to be as high quality as possible, so that people immediately trust you as an authority after receiving and going through your freebie. This will set you up to own an audience that trusts you. Nothing is more important than trust in the world of online marketing.

Specific Opt in Page

Next you’ll want to create a specific landing page for your freebie. This landing page’s primary objective is to advertise your freebie and get people to opt in for it.

This page will be used to link to whenever you reference your freebie in your blog.

An example of this is if you are writing a post about baseball gloves and your freebie is a buyer’s guide to baseball equipment.

You should definitely reference your freebie in the article, which then links to your freebie opt in page.

If your freebie would add extra value to what the person is reading right then, then make sure to reference it. Moderation is key, but if it legitimately will help them, then you are doing something good for your visitor.

On the opt-in page, make sure they know how great it is to be on your email list. If it includes exclusive content, discounts on products, knowing first about deals and staying up-to-date on your blog, then let them know.

Next Level Freebies

Once you have the above all done, you’ll be doing much better when it comes to getting email opt ins. Just staying up to date on your site is probably not enough to convince readers to opt in.

If you really want to take things to the next level, you can create specific freebies for your most trafficked pages.

What I mean by this, is if you notice there are 3 pages that are getting more organic traffic than any other pages, you would have a huge win if you created a freebie that is specified to the content on that page. You basically want to read the page people are visiting and ask yourself, “what content would really improve this page?”

This could be an extra video tutorial, a checklist of ways to implement your content into their lives, or anything that would be a perfect pairing for that blog post.

Then you just need to create that freebie and change the opt-in forms on that page to have your specified freebie on it.

This will drastically increase your opt in rates on that page.

The more pages you can do this for, the better. But just getting your first 1 to 3 highest trafficked pages is a huge win.

Run a Contest

People love contests. They love them so much they are definitely willing to opt in to an email list to try and win.

You want to make sure your prize is much specified to your niche. Things like a cash prize or an Amazon gift card won’t work, because you will get people opting into your list who aren’t actually interested in your niche.

There’s no point in having a massive email list if no one on it is actually interested in your niche.

Find something that only your target audience would really like. It could be physical goods related to your niche or a few books.

It also helps if the prize is something that you didn’t create. This way, you can use someone else authority to grow your contest.

People unfamiliar with your website are more likely to opt in to a contest if the prize is something they are familiar with. They can be familiar with the brand of the prize, or perhaps the author of the book you are giving away.

Keep in mind, the bigger the prize, the bigger the results.

If you give away one book related to your niche, which would be a good start. But if there are a few books and some physical goods in your prize, then people will really start to take an interest. People would rather win something worth $300 than worth $30.

A way to really take your contest to the next level is to use a WordPress plugin to help it spread.

We have one called Contest Blitz.

You are obviously free to search for others as well.

But what a plugin like Contest Blitz will do for you is to automatically give users a referral link they can use to spread the word about your contest, and best of all, they get more entries into the contest the more people they refer.

This means that every person who enters your contest now has major interest to spread the word about your contest because they will have a better chance to win.

A big prize that includes a 3rd party’s authority executed through a plugin that helps contest vitality equals an awesome contest.

So there you have it. My tips for building an email list that will allow you to fully earn your traffic.

I’ll be posting another post here soon with some great tips for making more money with your email list.

That’s it. Thank you for reading this post.

I want you to do something for me right now: Leave a comment !!!

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