Easy Way to learn Angular2

Easy Way to learn Angular2

Angular 2 is an open source. It is JavaScript framework to build web applications in HTML and JavaScript and has been conceived as a mobile first approach

Angular 2 is the next version of Google’s massively popular MV* framework for building complex applications in the browser (and beyond).

Why Angular 2.0?

Angular 2.0 is simpler than Angular 1 and its fewer perceptions make it easier to understand.

You can update the large data sets with minimal memory overhead.

It will speed up the initial load through server side rendering

Features of Angular 2.0

Faster and Modern Browsers: Developers want AngularJS 2.0 stress more on browsers like IE10/11, Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Safari on the desktop and Chrome on Android, Windows Phone 8+, iOS6 & Firefox mobile.

Mobility Driven: Developers are looking for a new Angular version with mobility driven approach which could make AngularJS mobile app development simplified. Developers and many technologists believe that by this all mobile related issues can be easily solved and one can efficiently create a desktop application hence AngularJS web application development becomes comprehensible.

Changing World of Web: which allow developers to create fully encapsulated custom elements. Developers anticipate with all hopes that AngularJS version 2.0 must fully support all web components.

Better Performance: The improved version 2.0 is expected to come up with overall improvements as far as the performance of framework is concerned.

Easy Applicability: Conclusively, developers would love to see what the newly rewritten code for AngularJS has to offer.

Revamped Dependency Injection(DI): The current version of AngularJS 1.x has issues like execution of Minification and features common to cutting-edge service side NET or Java frameworks. Developers are looking forward to getting these issues resolved in version 2.0.

Strong and Flexible Routing: Application routing which has been supporting a wide variety of requirements and needs, like child and sibling states is seen to bring in some features like nested states and sibling views with version 2.0 in core AngularJS router. Some other great and extensive features like URL resolver, location service, navigational model, push state child router, or hash change etc.


If an application is a heavy load, then Angular 2 keeps it fully UI responsive.

It uses server-side rendering for fast views on mobile.

It works well with ECMAScript and other languages that compile to JavaScript.

It uses dependency injection(DI) to maintain applications without writing too long code.

Everything will be the component based approach.


Since Angular 2 is a newly introduced framework, there is less online community support.

It takes the time to learn if you are new to Angular 2.

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