Art of Promoting an Affiliate Product on Your Blog

Art of Promoting an Affiliate Product on Your Blog

Promoting an Affiliate Product: One of these days you’re going to have to implement what you have learned & start promoting products.Now, is the perfect time to get into action mode & learn the art of promoting a product on your blog?

Do remember, there are other ways of promotions (like PPC marketing, Email marketing, etc).

But for now, I will be focusing on promoting via blogs, and later on you can use any other method to quadruplate (new word!) your earnings.

At the end of this chapter, I will also be sharing one mistake which many innocent affiliate marketers are making & how to fix that mistake.

To start, let’s learn the art of affiliate product promotion using your own blog.

Review post:

Nothing beats a killer review post about a product to drive conversions via your affiliate link. A review article introduces the product to your blog readers, and at the same time, your opinions and experiences will help them to understand why they should be buying it.

There are a few things that you should always remember when writing a review post for your affiliate product:

Reviews should be honest. Most of the time, people just focus on pros of the product and ignore the cons. An honest review should show both the sides of the coin.

If you don’t like writing, you can always hire a good writer to do the writing work for you. At the same time, you can take care of all other aspects of your online business.

Don’t forget to add product images.

Write a review in a personal tone (first or second person). You will connect much faster with your audience. Remember, the person reading the review is only one person.

Again, pick a product that you are using or are likely to use for yourself.

Take advantage of star ratings in search engines to get a higher CTR for your reviews. You can use WP Review pro to add star ratings on your blog posts.

Blog post promotion:

A good technique is to use affiliate links inside your blog posts and then promote those posts. For this, you should always write highly targeted posts.

For example, write an article in a way that a user will be searching for right before they make a decision to buy something. Write posts based on a buying-intent keyword.

This will increase your sales by at least 200%.


How-To Articles:

A DIY kind of article always works great for affiliate product promotion.

If your product is technical or needs instructions to use it, you can write a tutorial guide on how to use it properly.

Such tutorials are not only handy, but it will also help you to improve your search engine ranking. “How-To” articles always perform great in search engines.

Use Coupon Codes:

It’s no surprise that people want to save money. Offering your readers the opportunity to save money is one of the biggest marketing gimmicks ever created.

Coupons are almost the same as “free”. Whenever a customer is buying a product, and they see a coupon box, they search for “Product Name + coupon”. I’m sure you’ve done the same. I do it all the time.

When you offer these coupons, you offer the customer the opportunity to save money while you earn your commission as an affiliate. Win-Win-Win!

Remember, your goal as an affiliate marketer is to make the customer click on the affiliate link or else the sale will not be counted as yours. So if you offer a coupon, make sure users have to click on your link and don’t just list a coupon code.

If you’ve ever been on various coupon sites, they will always ask you to “Click to view coupon”, “Click to go to the merchant site”, and so on. The reason for this is so that the potential customer drops the cookie with the marketer’s affiliate link, and hence earns a commission.

Use a WordPress Website & Trick to Increase Sales:

When it comes to selecting a blogging platform, you shouldn’t look anywhere other than WordPress. This platform powers 25% of the websites in the world.

Do you know how many websites are in the world & how much 25% of that is?

Yes…. millions!

One of the reasons WordPress is preferable for creating a blog, a coupon site, or a general website is because it lets you do amazing things with a couple clicks.

For example, I’m going to share with you one simple yet powerful trick to increase your sales from existing blog posts.

Whether it’s a review post or a coupon code post, your first goal is to get more views on these posts. Apart from on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you should give more visibility to such affiliate posts by placing it as a featured post (the first post on your homepage).

It is a very handy feature of WordPress. You can stick any blog post on your blog’s homepage. Here is how to do that:

In the Edit Post section, click on Visibility and put a check mark on “Stick this post to the front page”.

I have tried this with a few pillar posts at A2Cart, and it helped a lot to increase my reader base.

Active Ads
Active Ads

Use Banners on the Sidebar (with clear call to action):

When you are getting targeted organic traffic to your blog, banner advertisements work great.

For me, a great part of my conversions come from banner clicks. A prominent banner placement and technique is the real key. One of the classic mistakes that people usually do is add too many banners. This confuses the reader.

Follow this one rule of thumb:

Never place similar products’ banners on your sidebar:

Banner ads work as a recommended product, and with multiple similar products, you are confusing your readers as they now have to decide which product they want to buy. A good idea is to place different related products in a niche. For example, a

Use Banners on the Sidebar
Use Banners on the Sidebar

WordPress tips blog can place banner ads for: a theme, a plugin, and a hosting service together on the same sidebar.

If your blog is multi-niche, you should consider using the WP Advanced ads plugin for your ad management. This plugin will help you to show ads based on category and/or geographical location. You can also run A/B testing of different banners.

Bonus Tip: When placing ads, link out to the website directly instead of to your review post. One big mistake many affiliate marketers are making is they try to link an ad to their review post or another internal post. This is wrong because a product landing page is always optimized for higher conversion. Though, if the product landing page is not of a high quality, you are better off educating users first with your review post.



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